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The Deputy Headmistress sat in her private chambers finishing up the last of the second year Transfiguration essays before heading down to The Three Broomsticks with Madam Hooch and Professor Sinastra for an All Hallows Eve drink (or four). Thinking she heard something, she raised her head and glanced toward the door. When no knock came and silence greeted her ears she resumed reading the last paragraph of Terry Boot's essay.

Draco Malfoy had managed to ditch his two...sidekicks (how he hated it when people called them that! they were his...accomplices. yes, accomplices) in the Slytherin Common Room simply by bullying some house elves into supplying a never ending candy feast for the pair. He persuaded a particularly bookish seventh year into disillusioning him in exchange for the use of his owl for the rest of the fall term and made his way out of the dungeons toward the staff quarters. This was the hardest part of his plan. Sneaking into the section of the castle reserved for staff quarters required Draco to slip in unnoticed while a staff member was entering or exiting. He wouldn't risk such a thing directly under McGonagall's nose, he had more important things in store for her. Sprout...well, she just reeked of fertilizer. Sinastra and Flitwick never seemed to have any sort of set schedule. Lockheart was so idiotically clumsy he might get stepped on. Which left Burbage. The muggle loving blood traitor always visited the library after dinner and returned from her chats with Madam Pince within a ten minute window, about an hour before students were required to be in their Common Rooms. Draco waited patiently for his mark to emerge from the hall that led to the library and followed her through the portrait hole.

"Minerva! You ready yet? Get your nose out of those essays and hurry up!" Hooch jeered as she followed Sinastra into McGonagall's chamber.

"I hate to say it, but she's right you know. You have been working on those essays far too long. It's time to relax. Merlin knows the students won't mind not getting them back tomorrow." Sinastra smiled at Minerva as she placed her hands over the essay the Gryffindor was currently reading.

As the professors left Minerva's chambers, she sniffed sharply and turned a puzzled eye to the decorative pillar down a bit from the painting of a Sphinx that served as her doorway. Stepping toward it, she let out a loud purr which drew questioning looks from her companions. As she laid her hand against the cool stone, she felt the full effects of the magically enhanced catnip and lost control.

Hooch and Sinastra could only look on in amusement as Minerva rubbed up against the pillar, too ensnared by the catnip to even contemplating changing into her animagi form - at least that wouldn't have looked so...strange. As the Gryffindor's antics became more and more provocative, her companions burst into muffled giggles. Nobody noticed the back of the portrait door silently swinging closed behind the silent intruder.
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Oh my..............*bursts up laughing* I SO want to see Maggie Smith acting that out. Hee hee hee
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